Modern, clean, and safe machine.

Primmy milk tablets consist of unique and high quality ingredients; very rich milk powder from one of the best sources which is guaranteed to be 100% melanin free, yoghurt powder with moderate amount of sugar, and vitamin C powder. The combination of these ingredients makes our milk tablets tasteful, distinctive, and contain highest nutritional value when compared to other brands in the market.

Since our factory is standardized and certified by top institutes, consumers can be sure that Primmy milk tablets have passed the safest and high quality production processes. With modern machines, effective ingredients storage and packaging, including temperature controlled storage and modern product shipping, Primmy milk tablets will be delivered to our customers in perfect condition.

Customers can order our product 24 hours a day via Your order will be delivered within 24 hours for domestic, and within 7 days for European and Asian countries.

Standardized, clean, and safe packaging.

Clean temperature controlled room.

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